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Commercial land for investment is a great way to diversify your real estate portfolio. Depending on market conditions, a savvy land investment can help you reduce risk, hedge against inflation, offset tax liabilities and maintain a long-term passive investment. Working with the right commercial land broker can make all the difference when it comes to making money on land investments. As with most real estate investments, timing is everything.

Land Real Estate Investment Benefits

Buying raw land offers a multitude of options for developers and investors. Here are the top benefits for land real estate investment.

  1. Lower barrier to entry – Compared to retail, office, industrial or residential real estate investments, raw land offers the biggest bang for your buck. Land is more affordable for one reason: simplicity. When buying land, all you have to do is find the right property, hold for 5-10 years, and then sell with appropriate timing.
  2. Land is a limited resource – Developers need land to expand their business and we simply can’t make more of it.
  3. Land is less competitive – Land does not have the same marketing appeal of other commercial properties. Forget bidding wars and focus on finding a motivated vacant land owner.
  4. Buy with cash – Avoid dealing with banks, lenders and interest rates. The nice thing about land is that there are private co-investors or private lenders who will work with you to buy raw land.
  5. Land is inexpensive to own – Forget maintenance requests, renovations, utility bills or major repairs. Simply park your cash, pay nominal insurance and property taxes.
  6. Land can beat recessions – In most cases, land can appreciate in economic downturns. Uncertain market conditions, high inflation and rising interest rates are all good reasons to diversify with land.

Tips for Buying Commercial Land

Hiring the right broker can make or break a long-term land investment. Buying in the path of economic development is key with land investments. Understanding where growth is happening and executing a “buy and hold” is how you make money with land investment. Consider zoning, neighbors, and accessibility.

Find land that requires the least amount of attention and expense. Make sure there are minimal systems to maintain like plumbing, electricity or other infrastructure.

Work with a commercial land broker. A professional commercial real estate firm can help you diversify your portfolio with optimal land for your budget. Our team considers all advantages and disadvantages when it comes to buying commercial land. Let us help you today.

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